Instructions - beginners start here

There are 352 applications, each having 4 tracks.
Each track is 30 minutes in length. Over 700 hours of recorded sessions!


Track 1

Multicelled parasites, detox, cellular therapy. Improves energy, reduces pain, speeds healing, lowers brain waves, raises blood pressure.

Track 2

Larger single celled parasites, detox, cellular therapy, energy therapy. Some tissue therapy, some bacteria, certain fungi, Good for energy.

Track 3

Common bacteria, virus, certain fungi.

Track 4

Certain fungi, mycoplasma, micro bacteria, lowers blood pressure.


All new users should follow the specific methods as suggested for beginners, or as suggested in your ongoing coaching. Please observe cautions below.



– New users ALWAYS begin with the GA (General Alignment)
– Remove batteries from your Model A with prolonged use with AC adapter
– Wait for your activity light.
 (Don’t know what an ACTIVITY light is? Call 1-888-891-1122)

– Do not play more than one track at a time.
– Input cable must be plugged in.
– Failure to plugin input cable may cause hearing and/or speaker damage.

Rife Therapy Start-Up Video

ENGLISH: Model A Start-Up Video

SPANISH: Modelo A Inicio Video

Report any problems to our customer service line, 1-888-891-1122