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Rife Therapy is a paid private membership site that works in conjunction with your JWLABS Model A Rife machine. The membership site contains a large library of streaming application frequencies.


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Cancer (General, To Prevent)

Cancer (General, To Prevent)

Update 2015 RIFE THEORY OF CANCER. We had no proof of any of Rife’s claims. Only anecdotal evidence. There was quite a lot of anecd[...]
Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

Update 2015 The applications for Lyme disease are the most aggressive in the library. At the time this application was recorded, Lym[...]


Update 2015 Our introduction to diabetes began with intentions of merely alleviating the more serious complications of the advanced [...]

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Rife Therapy is exclusive to JWLABS customers. It was designed specifically for use with the JWLABS Model A. Proof of JWLABS product purchase is required for all Rife Therapy members.